Karl-Marx-Straße, formally Bergstrasse


Karl-Marx-Straße on the U7 was opened in 1926 as “Bergstrasse” and renamed in 1946, and although Karl Marx was a hero of the socialist republic of East Germany the station is in former West Berlin.

The street above was named after the philosopher and economic theorist as well. Previously, individual sections were called Berliner Straße and Bergstraße .

The Karl-Marx-Straße is occasionally mistaken with the Karl-Marx-Allee in the eastern part of Berlin in the district Friedrichshain, which is also an important traffic axis.

1968 the station was elongated to 105m, due to this a lot of the original appearance was lost.

1993 parts of the platform fell into the rail track so that the station had to be closed for a few days. The station is one stop away from Neukolln station, where passengers can change to S-Bahn lines.

The station was designed by the Swedish architect Alfred Grenander. The most recent renovation took place in the late 1990s, when both the tiles and the floor covering were replaced.