1910: New Berlin Sportpalast opens

IT was this week in 1910, that the “Am Nordpol” revue inaugurated the famed Sportpalast on Potsdamer Strasse in Schöneberg.

The opening event featured 200 ice artists and a multitude of other performers.

The sports palace offered almost 10,000 spectator seats.

It had a huge ice rink, and according to the Berlin press, 30,000  lamps and 6,000 metal filament lamps provided “fairytale effects.”

Posters had called the building “the largest ice palace in the world, illuminated with 500,000 standard candles”.

The sports palace replaced the ice palace on Lutherstraße.

It was heavily damaged during the war, and finally torn down in the 1970s.

Although it was no longer the city’s preeminent meeting hall, the Sportpalast in the postwar years hosted varied sorts of events, including rock concerts.

Artists such as Bill Haley, Louis Armstrong, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, The Nice, and The Mothers of Invention performed there during the building’s final decades.

It was the venue of many famous Nazi gatherings, including the event calling for ‘Total War’.